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We have many dental air water syringes and tips for choosing from. All syringes have CE certificates.

Aluminium Air Water Syringe

dental air water syringe

Aluminum dental air water syringe made of aluminum alloy uses high-quality aluminum alloy as raw material.

The button is upgraded to a removable type, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Lightweight, frosted handle, comfortable operation.

Stainless Steel Air Water Syringe

stainless steel air water syringe

The stainless steel dental 3 ways air water syringe uses 304 stainless steel as raw material.

The button is upgraded to a removable type, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

304 material is corrosion-resistant and has a longer product life.

Color Dental Air Water Syringe

dental 3 way syringe

Color dental 3-way air water syringe.

The button is upgraded to a removable type, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Aluminum alloy material, frosted handle, lightweight, easy to operate, a variety of colors to choose from, to meet the preferences of different customers.

Straight 3-way Air Water Syringe

dental air water syringe

Straight handle dental 3 ways air water syringe.

Detachable button for easy disassembly and maintenance

Aluminum alloy material, frosted handle, lightweight, easy to operate

Stainless Steel Air Water Syringe Tips

metal air water syring tips

304 Stainless steel dental 3 ways air water syring tips.

It can be disinfected at high temperatures and equipped with professional disinfection support.

It can be disinfected repeatedly.

Plastic Air Water Syringe Tips

disposable air water syringe tips

Disposable plastic 3-way air water syringe tips.

Multiple colors available, which save money and cost.

It cannot be disinfected and can only be used once to prevent cross infection.

Our Dental syringe strength

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3-year service life
Button press times
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Why purchase dental air water syringe from KISUN

1. Save your time

Our salesperson has rich industry experience and knows technical problems and product parameters like the back of his hand. Communicating with us will improve communication efficiency.

2. Save your purchasing cost

Our rich product line of dental chair accessories can provide you with almost all accessories. At the same time, we will also offer a lot of dental equipment. You don’t need to contact dozens of suppliers.

3. Fast delivery

Most of our products can be delivered within 7 days

4. High-quality and customizable

All our products have undergone strict quality inspection and have been verified by the market, and we can customize products of your own brand.

hand hold a dental 3 way syringe

Get air water syringe samples for quality check

If you are not sure whether the quality of our products meets your needs, you can contact us directly for free air water syringe sample support.

B2B and B2C solutions

B2B Solution

  • 10-30% advance payment
  • 2-10% order discount
  • Market protection, exclusive supply
  • 24/7 one-to-one service
  • Certification Service Provider
  • Increase your profits

B2C Solution

  • 1-3 days fast delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery 
  • Logo customize
  • MOQ 1 piece
  • Package care 100%
  • Mix order available

Dental 3 way syringe buying guide

The 3-ways syringe is the most commonly used instrument in dental treatment. It needs to be connected to the water and gas system of the dental chair. There are three working modes: water spraying, air venting, and water mist formation. The main function is to clean teeth and oral cavity.

We have some hot-selling air water syringe models in stock, some customized air water syringe need 1-2weeks for production.

We have more than 3 kinds of dental air water syringe, and aluminum material bend type air water syringe is the cheapest, you can contact us for all price.

In the doctors use data we have obtained, our product life reaches 2-3 years. In our test data, the button life of the three-way syringe can reach 300000 times. If doctors pay attention to maintenance, the triple syringe can be used longer.

Estimated purchase price

Know your costs before Purchasing dental 3 ways air water syringe. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Shipping Fee
This is the amount of money that you will pay for the transportation of your products from the factory to your place. KINSUN Dental offers you convenience of any kind.
Customize Fee
If you need to customize your logo on the product, you may need to pay additional customization fees, but not a lot. The additional customization fee depends on your purchase volume. If your purchase volume is large, you will not need to pay the customization fee.
metal air water syring tips
Miscellaneous Fee
It is any other fees relating to taxes, service fees, and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.
30% T/T Fee
You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the wholesale.
70% Final Fee
Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

Dental Air water syringe FAQs

1. Contact us to obtain the detailed parameters of the product to match your purchasing needs

2. Determine the purchase quantity and transportation terms of products, and we will provide the most favorable quotation according to the quantity and freight

3. We will send you the official quotation document

4. If you need samples, we can send you samples first, and then proceed to the next step after you confirm that the samples are OK

5. Confirm that the quotation document is correct, and we will finalize the final purchase contract according to the payment method

6. You need to pay the deposit of the order. After confirming the receipt of the payment, we will arrange production

7. During the production process, we will update the production progress in real time

8. After the production is completed, we will take photos or videos for you to confirm

9. You need to pay the balance before delivery

10. After receiving the final payment, we will arrange the shipment according to the transportation terms in the contract

11. Goods transportation

12. You receive the goods and confirm the goods

13. If there is an after-sales problem that needs to be solved, just feed it back to us in time

Our air water syringe do not have MOQ. We suggest you purchase as much as you need, so that you can get a lower price.

So as to save your purchase unit price, and the freight shared equally on each product will be lower, which will eventually reduce your product unit price and obtain stronger market competitiveness.

Most of our orders are delivered within 7-10 days.

If your order is large, it will take 20 days.

If your order has customization requirements, it will take 3-5 days longer than normal

Do not have a exactly warranty time.

Steps to obtain free samples:

1. Get in touch with our salesperson
2. Tell us the type and specification of samples you need
3. We need to know your company information (main products, customer groups, sales channels)
4. Sample quotation. The total price of free samples we can provide is usually less than 30 $, and the part exceeding 30 $needs to be paid by yourself
5. Tell us the consignee information, and we can arrange the sample transportation to the designated place
6. We will not pay the transportation fee, customs clearance fee and other additional expenses of samples

We can accept the following customization requirements

1. Add your logo (laser printing or stickers) to the product
2. Customized product outer packaging
3. Some products support customized colors
4. New product development (mold fees need to be paid)

We are looking for product agents around the world. We are glad that you are willing to share the global market with us.

Our agents will gain the following advantages:
1. Exclusive preferential price for agents
2. Market protection. We only approve one agent in a region
3. Priority of order scheduling
4. Payment method: accept an advance payment of at least 20% to reduce your financial pressure
5. Priority of purchasing new products

If you want to be our agent, you need to prepare the following information:
1. Your company information
2. Required products
3. Estimated annual sales
4. Sales channels and regions

Trade terms we support:

1. EXW
2. FOB
3. CIF
4. DDP

The transportation mode we can arrange:

1. Express delivery
2. Railway
3. By Sea

If you are not clear about the above content, please contact us directly

The payment methods we accept are:
1. Western Union payment
2. USD private account
3. USD public account
4. RMB private account
5. RMB public account
6. Letter of credit

Acceptable payment terms:
30% advance payment, 70% final payment

After sales problems usually include the following:

1. Missing shipment of goods
We can arrange a replacement shipment, or replenish all the goods for you in the next order, and give you some discounts as compensation.

2. Damage of goods
If the goods are damaged, we need to verify whether it is the transportation problem or the packaging problem. If the goods are damaged by the transportation company, we need to obtain a claim from the transportation company together. If it is the packaging problem, we will compensate you, or compensate a part of the goods in the next order according to the proportion.

3. Product use problems
We have special technicians to solve any technical problems you encounter. We can record videos, send technical documents, or conduct video conferences to solve your product use problems.

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