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KINSUN Medical is your trusted Dental Air Compressor Factory. 

KISNSUN keeps ahead with advanced production technology and service. We constantly improve the quality of our products and customer service, which is crucial to your success. Learn more about dental oil-free air compressors.

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Oil Free Dental Air Compressor

Different power options

  • 100% Oil-free air
  • <65db Noise
  • 10+ Power options
  • After sales guarantee
Model Series

Cylinder type

Nominal Power

0.5-1.5 kw (0.75-1.5 hp)

Max Pressure

8.0 bar (116 psig)

Air Capacity





110v/220v 50hz/60hz

Model Series

Normal Type

Nominal Power

0.5-10 kw(0.75-15 hp)

Max Pressure

8.0 bar (116 psig)

Air Capacity





110v/220v/380v 50hz/60hz

What Makes Our Dental Compressors Unique?

Whether in the dental industry or other industries, you can rely on KINSUN as the partner of silent oil-free air compressor.

Pure copper dental air compressor motor

Pure copper motor

KINSUN oil-free compressor motor made of copper wire only. Improved efficiency and working life


Silent compressor head

The precision parts of the air compressor head and the silencer makes the running noise lower than 65db


Thickened tank

Thickened tank and paint baking process improve the beauty and safety of the air compressor.


Strict QC

The strict QC process ensures that every customer of Kinsun can obtain high-quality air compressors.

Make Your Own Brand Dental Air Compressor

KINSUN has 10 professional air compressor engineers, we can customize oil-free air compressor according to your needs.

Customized painting

We can provide you with dozens of customizable paint colors


Logo customization

We can print your own logo on the air compressor


Voltage customization

We can produce air compressor according to your voltage demand

Other customization

We can produce the air compressor according to your drawings

Why KINSUN - Dental Compressor Manufacturer

KINSUN believes that every customer wants to buy a durable, reasonably priced silent oil-free air compressor.

  • Multi-industry use. Multi-model selection.
  • Meager failure rate (< 1%).
  • The compressor keeps very low noise during operation.
  • High-efficiency motor improves compression efficiency by 20%.
  • 1.5-year warranty for core components.
  • Low-cost maintenance of oil-free air compressors.

Production and Delivery of Orders

We ensure that our work with customers is fast and efficient.


Confirm Order

Our consultants confirm the details of the order with the customer, including general, custom requirements, etc.


Perfect Details

Design solutions for customers and determine the fastest delivery date and packaging of goods, etc.



We send customer order to Ingersoll Rand China factory to start product production.


Daily Updates

Our consultants will proactively update the production process of the machine for the customer.


Final Product

Pre-shipment testing and strict inspection of compressors. Test report available.



Wooden case packing and fast delivery, including sea, land, and air transportation.

B2C and B2B solutions

The agents who have cooperated with us for a long time have a profit growth rate of 17% in the first year and 29% in the second year.

Agent Solution

  • 10-30% advance payment
  • 2-10% order discount
  • Market protection, exclusive supply
  • Obtain brand authorization
  • Consultant one-to-one service
  • Certification Service Provider
  • Help you increase profits

B2B Solution

  • Fastest delivery
  • Support door-to-door delivery 
  • Official factory direct shipment
  • OEM compressed air system design
  • Package Care-100% risk transfer
  • Warranty maintenance service

Dental Air Compressor Buying Guide

What is dental oil-free air compressor?

The air compressor is the heart of dental surgery. The machine compresses clean, dry and stored air to power certain functions of dental handpieces and dental comprehensive treatment chairs.

Should I choose dental compressor with dryer?

If oil containing compressed air is used for dental treatment, the oil film will weaken the bonding performance of filler or adhesive, thereby endangering the health of patients, and also affect the performance of dental equipment (gas pipeline, valve). Therefore, the current dental system basically uses oil-free air compressor. In addition, because the dental system is a complex system containing water and electricity, the compressed air used must be clean and dry in addition to being oil-free.

What is a dental compressed air system?

Dental air compression system is an integrated medical air compression system that integrates air compressor, dryer, filter and air receiver.

How much is a dental air compressor?

USD 100-600, The price of different power will be different. If you have customized demand, the price will also be different. Contact us to get the best quotation.

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