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Welcome to Kinsun Dental, your premier supplier of state-of-the-art dental chair lights for clients across the globe. Our dental lights, designed to illuminate the intricacies of dental work, blend superior lighting with eye comfort to enhance the precision and efficiency of dental professionals.


Our range of dental lights, including both Halogen and LED options, epitomizes the pinnacle of dental illumination. LED lights, in particular, are celebrated for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, eco-friendliness, minimal eye fatigue, and wide adjustability, making them a favorite among dental practitioners. Kinsun Dental’s lights offer:

1. Versatility and Comfort: Choose between Halogen and LED lights, each designed for optimal illumination. Our LED lights, notable for their efficiency and comfort, allow for flexible adjustment of the lighted area, easing the treatment process.

2. Sterile Operation: Frequent on-off switching during treatments calls for a germ-free solution. Kinsun’s dental lights are equipped with touchless controls, ensuring sterile procedures without direct contact.

3. Photographic Dental Light: In our high-end dental chair light product series, we equip the dental light with a camera system, so that the camera system can meet the needs of photography, video recording, Internet live broadcast, remote consultation, teaching and research, etc.

4. Durable Dental Chair Light Arm: We provide multiple types of light holders, which can be weighted according to your needs, and there are also high-end balance arms to choose from, which greatly improves the comfort and stability of dental light operation.

5. Customizable Illumination: Our lights boast adjustable brightness and color temperature, exceeding the CRI 95 standard for natural light saturation and color fidelity. They offer three distinct color temperatures – cool 5500K for color matching, neutral 5000K for general treatment, and warm 4300K for surgeries or extended treatments. Sensor-based and physical switches enable easy on/off control and brightness adjustments, reaching up to 50000 Lux.

Additionally, select models feature a unique 2700K composite curing mode, altering the wavelength to prevent composite material curing while ensuring optimal illumination of the operational area.

Elevate your dental business with Kinsun Dental’s lighting solutions. Experience unmatched clarity and comfort in dental illumination.

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