Dental Chair Instrument Tray

What is Dental Chair Instrument Tray

A dental chair instrument tray is an essential part of a dental chair. It integrates various functions like chair control (elevation and angle adjustment of the chair), instrument control (dental handpieces, triple syringe, built-in scaler, built-in light cure, built-in electric motor, etc.), and placement of surgical instruments. A good instrument tray helps the dentist perform surgeries efficiently.

Types of Dental Chair Instrument Trays

There are various types of dental chair instrument trays available in the market, each with its unique features:

1. Small Dental Chair Instrument Tray: Compact and easy to install, usually attached to the dental chair’s light pole. However, it has limited space and a smaller usable area.

dental chair instrument tray

2. Mobile Instrument Tray Trolley: This type separates the main control instrument tray from the dental chair and consolidates it into a convenient, movable cart connected by a tube, enhancing patient comfort and reducing the feeling of oppression during treatment.

Dental Chair Mobile Instrument Tray Trolley

3. Under-Hung Main Control Instrument Tray: Positioned under the main control panel of the dental chair, this type efficiently utilizes the space of the tray, providing a large platform on top for placing various items like medications, viewing lights, disposable instruments, and other small tools during surgery. However, this design can lead to the tubes of dental handpieces, triple syringes, and suction lines touching the floor, causing dirt accumulation and the risk of being stepped on or compressed by the chair.

Dental Chair Under-Hung Main Control Instrument Tray

4. Over-Hung Main Control Instrument Tray: Located above the main control panel, it allows the dentist to work efficiently while seated. All instrument tubes are above the tray, avoiding contact with the floor, and can be adjusted for patient comfort. However, this design lacks space for placing items on the tray. It often requires an additional stainless-steel instrument tray or a mobile cart underneath to meet daily needs.

dental chair Over-Hung Main Control Instrument Tray

5. Assistant Control Tray: Most modern dental chairs are equipped with an auxiliary control tray, primarily operated by the dentist’s assistant, controlling the triple syringe, saliva ejector, and chair angles.

dental chair Assistant Control Tray

Purchasing High-Quality Dental Instrument Trays

Kinsun Dental offers a variety of dental chair instrument trays. Whether you need them for manufacturing or repairing dental chairs, we provide a range of options. We also customize dental chair instrument trays. Contact us for a catalog and quotation.

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