Dental X Ray Machine

Core Features of Kinsun High-Frequency Dental X-Ray Machine

  1. High-frequency dental X-ray machines can eliminate soft radiation. Compared with traditional equipment, staff, and patients receive less radiation dose;
  2. Reduce exposure time, higher radiation safety standards, and extend tube life;
  3.  Almost no soft rays and stray rays, high imaging quality;
  4. High stability, not affected by fixed voltage, no voltage stabilizer required, smooth movement, fast and accurate positioning.

1. What is a dental X-ray?

Oral X-ray examination uses professional equipment to take pictures of diseased teeth. Why is oral X-ray examination necessary? Because only part of our teeth is exposed, the rest covered by the gums requires an X-ray examination to see.

2. Types, the scope of application, advantages, and disadvantages of oral X-ray examination

  1.  A small dental X-ray machine (portable X-ray machine) is suitable for the examination of single or local dental lesions and the initial diagnosis of dental diseases. Its advantages are fast speed, small dosage, and short waiting time. The disadvantage is that some patients do not cooperate well and it is difficult to operate.
  2.  Oral panoramic radiography (curved surface tomography), as a general screening examination method, is suitable for assessing the health status of the entire mouth. The advantage is that it can provide comprehensive information about the head, face, and mouth. The disadvantage is two-dimensional imaging, and there is a certain degree of distortion in the image display.
  3. Oral cone beam CT (CBCT) is suitable for a wide range of applications. The advantage is that the scanning speed is fast, the three-dimensional imaging can display tomographic images, and relatively subtle hard tissue lesions can be found. The disadvantage is that there is a certain amount of radiation.

3. Is oral X-ray examination safe?

During daily examinations, the most frequently mentioned issue and the one that patients are most concerned about is whether radiological examinations are safe. You don’t need to worry at all. The dose of oral radiation examination is very small, about 0.5 uSv, and its impact on the human body is negligible. The dental radiography machines provided by Kinsun Dental fully meet the safety requirements. The following figure is the oral examination radiation measurement comparison table.

Film type Radiation received during one shot Note
Oral cone beam CT 29 uSv Approximately the radiation dose received by flying for 2.5 hours
Oral panoramic film 6 uSv Approximately the radiation dose received by flying for 0.5 hours
Portable dental X-ray 0.5 uSv Almost negligible
Ordinary chest X-ray 100 uSv Equivalent to the dose received for shooting three dental CT images
Clinical spiral CT 2100 uSv Equivalent to the dose received for shooting 70 dental CT images

4. Precautions for oral X-ray examination

  1. For pregnant patients who are preparing for pregnancy or are currently pregnant, for the sake of fetal health, they should try to avoid taking X-rays.
  2. Parents need to fully communicate with child patients and cooperate with doctors in examinations to improve the success rate of examinations.
  3. When taking oral panoramic radiographs and CBCT, you cannot wear accessories (you need to remove earrings, necklaces, hairpins, etc.) to avoid affecting the picture clarity.
  4. Take protective measures. Patients must cooperate with the doctor to protect non-diagnostic parts (wear lead clothing or head scarf).
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