Mobile Dental X Ray Unit

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  • Mobile dental X-ray machine with efficient integrated design, high efficiency, and low radiation.
  • Using microcomputer intelligent control, not only remote controlled exposure but a more powerful function of low voltage alarm and high voltage protection.
  • Micro focus technology, a much more clear image, and accurate diagnosis.
  • The base has two modes mobile and fixed, A pneumatic lift seat ensures more convenience for the dentist and more comfort for patients.

Additional Information

This mobile X-ray unit can use lightroom dental film, imaging in one minute, which makes it most convenient for dentists to diagnose. also can connect to the dental digital imaging system.

Supply voltage AC220V Tube current 4mA / 7mA
Power frequency 50Hz Total filtration ≥1.5mmAl (70kV)
Input power 900VA Inherent filtration ≥1mmAl (70kV)
High-frequency generator 100K-200KHZ Leakage emissivity 1m<0.25mGy/h
X-ray tube Canon D-0711 Load cycle 1 / 60
Ray focus 0.4mm Time of exposure 0.02 – 3.2s
Tube voltage 55kV / 60kV / 65kV / 70kV

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