Dental X Ray Sensor

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  • 3 Sizes: child /universal / adult.
  • Perfect balance of High Resolution (HR) and Low Dose(LD).
  • Ultra-thin: 4.4 mm digital sensor.
  • Net version for multi-user solution Easily Connect to PACs system under DICOM 3.0 protocol.
  • Plug and play connector allows the sensor to be moved from room to room freely.
  • Powerful image processing algorithms make it much easier to read the image information.

Additional Information

Designed for high reliability. Reinforced cord connection, over 70,000 bending test (± 90°) passed.

Rounded edges. Ensuring the safety of detection and improving the comfort of patients.

Chip Type: APS CMOS
Pixel Size: 18.5um
Dimension: 39×28.5x6mm
Active Area: 30×22.5mm
Active Pixel Array: 1600x1200mm
Image Pixel: 1604x1204mm
Voltage(through USB connection):5.0V±0.5V
Electricity Current (through USB connection):≤500mA
Power: <1W
Digitization: 12/14/16 bit
imaging Time:3-4s
Resolution: 27lp/mm
Signal Output: USB

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