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KINSUN Dental can provide you with almost all types of dental chair accessories and components. Whether your needs are dental chair production, dental chair repair, or dental product distribution, we can provide you with the best service and support.

Dental Chair Light

led dental chair light

Dental lights are products used to provide illumination during dental surgery and diagnosis.

It is connected to the dental chair through the lamp arm and provides lighting for doctors during diagnosis and treatment.

High-quality dental chair lights can usually adjust the color temperature and light intensity and shadowless implant lights are required for dental implant surgery.

Dental Chair Valves

dental chair valve

The main body of each dental chair contains many valve bodies, through which the water and gas supply of each instrument is managed and controlled.

Generally speaking, high-quality valve bodies are manufactured by precision machine tools, and some valve bodies will be chrome-plated on the surface, and their life will be longer.

We have two grades of valve bodies to choose from.

Dental Chair Hose

dental chair tubes

Each dental chair has a variety of pipes, air-water syringe hoses, dental handpiece hoses, strong and weak suction hoses, water and air pipes, etc.

We provide two grades of dental pipes. Grade A pipes are made of high-quality artificial rubber, which has good flexibility and durability, and the product life can reach more than 2 years.

Class B dental hoses are cheaper and have a shorter service life.

Dental Spittoon Series

dental chair spitton

The spittoon of the dental chair is divided into two types: ceramic and glass. The cost of glass spittoon is low, and the cost of ceramic spittoon is high.

In comparison, ceramic spittoons have a better antibacterial ability and are easier to clean.

We also offer spittoon strainers in various sizes, as well as supply and drain pipes for spittoons.

Dental Chair Tissue Box


The 3-in-3 tissue box for dental chairs has three functions: Water Cup Holder + Tissue Box + Instrument tray.

It is very convenient for patients and doctors to operate, saving the space of the dental chair.

We have a variety of dental chair tissue box models, also have multiple colors of tissue boxes can be chosen. you can choose items by your needs.

Air Water Syringe

KINSUN dental air water syringe

The dental air-water syringe is one of the standard treatment equipment. It is usually connected with two hoses, a water supply pipe, and an air supply pipe.

A high-quality 3-way syringe will use stainless steel as raw materials, and the button springs have a long service life

Our air-water syringes are detachable for easier maintenance and replacement of accessories.

Handpiece Parts

dental handpiece-adaptor

Each dental chair has 3 or more handpiece hangers, and each hanger needs to use a hose to connect to the handpiece.

We have a wide range of accessories that connect the dental chair to the handpiece.

Handpiece Screws, Handpiece Hose, Adapters for 2- and 4-hole Handpieces. Each accessory is made of high-quality raw materials.

Dental Suction Handle

dental strong and weak suction handle

The strong and weak suction handles of the dental chair is divided into two types: aluminum alloy and plastic.

The surface of the aluminum alloy handle has been frosted, which has a better feel, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and oxidation resistance.

 And we can provide you with various types of strong suction and suction hose. that will save your cost.

Plastic Parts

dental chair handpiece holder

There are many plastic types of accessories for dental chairs

Water storage bottle, gas storage bottle, instrument tray, control box, dental handpiece hanger, etc.

We already have production molds for a variety of products, and efficient production helps our customers reduce costs, This will help you gain greater market competitiveness.

Dental Chair cover

dental chair cover set

A dental chair cover can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the dental chair cushion and prevent the dental chair from being soiled.

We have two kinds of dental chair covers, health fabric type, and PU leather type.

PU cover can effectively protect the seat cushion, and the PU material is water-proof and antibacterial, which can be cleaned more conveniently.

Foot Control Pedal

dental chair foot control pedal

The foot control pedal can help doctors operate instruments such as dental handpieces more quickly during diagnosis and treatment

The multifunctional foot control pedal can be adjusted simultaneously, which greatly facilitates the operation of the doctor and reduces the possibility of cross-infection.

 We have different types of pedal.

Dentist Doctor Chair

blue color dentist chair

Doctor chairs are extremely versatile.Clinics, hospitals, and beauty salons can see the use of doctor chairs.

High-quality doctor chairs are usually ergonomically designed with high-quality foam cushions and quiet casters, Gas spring certified by SGS.

We have dozens of doctor chairs, which can meet the needs of different customers

How We Save Your Dental Chair Parts Cost?

1. KINSUN Dental has a complete dental chair parts production line, in addition, we also cooperate with dozens of factories to ensure that we can provide high-quality and low-cost dental chair parts.

2. KINSUN has 10 product experts who have been in the dental industry for more than 10 years and can provide you with almost any product consultation and help you solve the technical problems of the dental chair, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

3. With more than 10 years of trading experience, we can not only provide the best prices for dental chair parts, but also help you optimize the shipping chain so that you can spend less on shipping costs and other expenses.

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water pressure valve

Get Detnal Chair Component Samples for Quality Check

If you are not sure whether the quality of our products meets your needs, you can contact us directly for sample support

Many models in our product list can provide free samples. You only need to pay the freight cost.


1. Contact us to obtain the detailed parameters of the product to match your purchasing needs

2. Determine the purchase quantity and transportation terms of products, and we will provide the most favorable quotation according to the quantity and freight

3. We will send you the official quotation document

4. If you need samples, we can send you samples first, and then proceed to the next step after you confirm that the samples are OK

5. Confirm that the quotation document is correct, and we will finalize the final purchase contract according to the payment method

6. You need to pay the deposit of the order. After confirming the receipt of the payment, we will arrange production

7. During the production process, we will update the production progress in real time

8. After the production is completed, we will take photos or videos for you to confirm

9. You need to pay the balance before delivery

10. After receiving the final payment, we will arrange the shipment according to the transportation terms in the contract

11. Goods transportation

12. You receive the goods and confirm the goods

13. If there is an after-sales problem that needs to be solved, just feed it back to us in time

Most of our products do not have MOQ. We suggest you purchase as much as you need, so that you can get a lower quotation.

So as to save your purchase unit price, and the freight shared equally on each product will be lower, which will eventually reduce your product unit price and obtain stronger market competitiveness.

Most of our orders are delivered within 7-10 days.

If your order is large, it will take 20 days.

If your order has customization requirements, it will take 3-5 days longer than normal

Because most of our products are worn-out parts, it is difficult to set the warranty period.

The warranty period of some products is 1 year. Please consult us for details

Steps to obtain free samples:

1. Get in touch with our salesperson
2. Tell us the type and specification of samples you need
3. We need to know your company information (main products, customer groups, sales channels)
4. Sample quotation. The total price of free samples we can provide is usually less than 30 $, and the part exceeding 30 $needs to be paid by yourself
5. Tell us the consignee information, and we can arrange the sample transportation to the designated place
6. We will not pay the transportation fee, customs clearance fee and other additional expenses of samples

We can accept the following customization requirements

1. Add your logo (laser printing or stickers) to the product
2. Customized product outer packaging
3. Some products support customized colors
4. New product development (mold fees need to be paid)

We are looking for product agents around the world. We are glad that you are willing to share the global market with us.

Our agents will gain the following advantages:
1. Exclusive preferential price for agents
2. Market protection. We only approve one agent in a region
3. Priority of order scheduling
4. Payment method: accept an advance payment of at least 20% to reduce your financial pressure
5. Priority of purchasing new products

If you want to be our agent, you need to prepare the following information:
1. Your company information
2. Required products
3. Estimated annual sales
4. Sales channels and regions

Trade terms we support:

1. EXW
2. FOB
3. CIF
4. DDP

The transportation mode we can arrange:

1. Express delivery
2. Railway
3. By Sea

If you are not clear about the above content, please contact us directly

The payment methods we accept are:
1. Western Union payment
2. USD private account
3. USD public account
4. RMB private account
5. RMB public account
6. Letter of credit

Acceptable payment terms:
30% advance payment, 70% final payment

After sales problems usually include the following:

1. Missing shipment of goods
We can arrange a replacement shipment, or replenish all the goods for you in the next order, and give you some discounts as compensation.

2. Damage of goods
If the goods are damaged, we need to verify whether it is the transportation problem or the packaging problem. If the goods are damaged by the transportation company, we need to obtain a claim from the transportation company together. If it is the packaging problem, we will compensate you, or compensate a part of the goods in the next order according to the proportion.

3. Product use problems
We have special technicians to solve any technical problems you encounter. We can record videos, send technical documents, or conduct video conferences to solve your product use problems.

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