Top 10 Dental Chair Brands & Manufacturers in 2024

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Whether you want to study the dental industry or want to get started in the dental industry, it is necessary to understand the brands and manufacturers of the world’s top dental treatment units.

In this article, we delve into the world of dental chairs, focusing on the top 10 brands that have set the standards in 2024. These brands have been carefully selected based on their innovation, comfort, durability, and the overall quality they bring to dental practices. Whether you are a dentist seeking to upgrade your practice or a patient curious about the advancements in dental care, this exploration will provide valuable insights. We will uncover the unique features, technological advancements, and design elements that make each brand stand out in the market. Our goal is not only to inform but also to guide you in making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a dental chair that aligns with the specific needs of a dental practice and enhances the overall patient experience.

DENTALEZ®, a prominent dental supply company, excels in offering cutting-edge solutions for dental practices, focusing on interconnectivity, choice, and control. Renowned as a dental industry pioneer, this company boasts over a century of expertise in dental equipment. It stands out for providing practical, real-world solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare, blending advanced technical knowledge with extensive practical experience. The company prides itself on its unwavering commitment to top-level customer service and support, securing its position as a reliable partner in the dental supply sector. DENTALEZ has a longstanding reputation for delivering dependable dental products and equipment. It continues to produce a comprehensive range of technologically sophisticated solutions for both front and back office needs, under well-respected brands such as Star®, Ramvac®, Forest®, Nevin™, and Columbia Dentoform®.

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Beginning with a straightforward vision to improve the best, A-dec has risen to become a highly respected entity in the dental industry. The company’s journey started modestly, but it has since evolved significantly. Founders Ken and Joan Austin made a pivotal decision in 1964, venturing into the unknown by establishing their own business. Unbeknownst to them, their invention and aspirations would play a significant role in transforming dental practices globally.

Over half a century later, A-dec stands as a preferred employer and the leading global manufacturer of dependable dental operatory equipment. The company remains dedicated to advancing the field of dentistry, consistently integrating its core values into its daily operations. This commitment to excellence is evident in every decision and innovation that A-dec introduces to the industry.

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For more than a century, DENTSPLY and Sirona have been setting the benchmark in the global dental industry, leading in manufacturing, technological advancements, digital treatments, and clinical education. They have consistently been at the vanguard of dental innovation.

The history of Dentsply Sirona can be traced back to its modest origins: DENTSPLY International, originally established as Dentists’ Supply Company in 1899 in New York City, and the forerunner of Sirona Dental Systems, founded in 1877 in Erlangen, Germany. The landmark merger in 2016 marked significant growth for Dentsply Sirona, positioning it as the world’s largest producer of professional dental products and technologies. Today, the company boasts around 16,000 employees, with operations spanning over 40 countries and a sales network in over 120 countries.

At the core of Dentsply Sirona’s operations is a steadfast dedication to innovation. This commitment has a substantial impact: annually, their products and solutions are used by 600,000 dental professionals, treating more than 6 million patients each day, which amounts to a staggering billion patients every year. Dental practitioners depend on the reliability and clinical safety of their products, bolstered by over a century of experience. Dentsply Sirona remains devoted to maintaining and enhancing the trust of dental professionals worldwide for the next century.

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Since 2022, KaVo has become an integral part of the Planmeca Group, a Finnish entity renowned as the largest family-owned enterprise in the dental sector. At the helm of KaVo are CFO Oliver Krett, CTO Armin Imhof, and CCO Jan Moed. This trio of seasoned dental industry leaders places a strong emphasis on investment, profitability, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer-centricity, which are fundamental to the company’s strategic orientation. They foster an environment of integrated teamwork and agility in their leadership approach.

In the same year, former KaVo CEO Dr. Martin Rickert transitioned to a significant role within Planmeca Verwaltungs GmbH, the parent company of KaVo. He assumed the position of chairing the steering committee, marking a new phase in his professional journey within the group.

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Founded in 1915 in Minster, Ohio, Midmark Corporation, originally named Cummings Machine Company, started as a concrete mixer manufacturer, utilizing patents owned by then-president EC Cummings. The company expanded its manufacturing portfolio to gasoline-powered locomotives after acquiring the Reeves Pulley Company in 1920. In 1921, a pivotal change occurred when John W. Eiting joined the company’s board of directors, steering the company towards contract fabrication work. By 1925, JW Eiting had risen to the role of president, at which point the company was known as the Industrial Equipment Company.

Midmark Corporation has since focused on harmonizing space, technology, products, and workflows to enhance the experiences of caregivers and patients at the point of care. This focus is rooted in the belief that improved care environments lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

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NSK is committed to advancing “dental health” through the creation of groundbreaking products in various dental specialties, including restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, periodontics, implantology, oral surgery, and mobile dental care. This commitment is powered by NSK’s pioneering grinding technologies, specifically high-speed rotary and ultrasound technologies. Complementing these are NSK’s expanding line of decontamination products.

In each of these fields, NSK aims to produce equipment that enhances the efficiency, speed, and safety of dental treatments performed by dentists and dental hygienists. The equipment is designed not only to enable new types of treatments but also to reduce stress for patients. This approach underscores NSK’s dedication to innovation in dental care.

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The Morita Group stands as a globally significant manufacturer of medical-technical products, particularly distinguished in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and endodontics. Its comprehensive product range spans the full gamut of dental needs, including imaging systems, cone-beam computed tomography, treatment units, lasers, turbines, and endodontic measuring and preparation systems.

Since its inception in 1916 by Junichi Morita, the company has adhered to his founding principles of utmost precision, exceptional product quality, and maintaining equitable business relations with customers. Now under the stewardship of the third generation, led by Haruo Morita, these foundational values continue to guide the company’s entrepreneurial endeavors, fueling a series of groundbreaking innovations. As a family-run business, Morita Group places significant emphasis on collaboration with dentists and physicians in developing new products. This collaborative approach is aimed at deepening their understanding of clinical processes and aligning closely with the evolving needs of their customers.

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Belmont Equipment, a division of Takara Belmont USA, Inc., acknowledges the dedication and passion of doctors and assistants in their daily work. They recognize the pride these professionals take in utilizing both intellectual and manual skills to address the complexities of patient care, meticulously crafting solutions to enhance or correct dental issues. Belmont Equipment understands the thoughtful consideration these professionals put into selecting the furnishings and equipment for their operatories, reflecting a commitment to quality and precision. This level of care and attention to detail is a hallmark of both the medical professionals they serve and the ethos of Belmont Equipment itself.

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SDS equipment is strategically priced to enable doctors to realize their vision for office design and technology without compromising on quality or reliability. The SDS packages are crafted to offer the innovations of tomorrow, catering to the needs of today’s clients. Customization options are available to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of any office, fostering an environment that is both effortless and timeless. The ethos of SDS has always been centered on simplicity, both in design and maintenance. The design of SDS equipment is streamlined for ease of access and hassle-free operation. Emphasizing a ‘screwdriver approach’, all chairs and units are designed to be straightforward and free from unnecessary complexities or features that could add costs or cause disruptions in the daily operations of a practice.

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Shinhung’s Ansan facility stands as the largest dental equipment production site in Korea, dedicated to creating an extensive range of dental products and supplies. This facility is renowned for manufacturing a diverse array of items, including dental operatories, autoclaves, dental X-rays and related products, disposable needles, and dental alloys. Each product is crafted with precision, showcasing Shinhung’s commitment to quality in the dental equipment industry.

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When selecting a good dental chair manufacturer, it’s important to consider the following key factors:

  1. Quality and Reliability: Look for manufacturers with a good track record of quality. High-quality dental chairs not only offer comfort but also ensure long-term durability and reliability.
  2. Technological Innovation: Choose technologically advanced manufacturers. Modern dental chairs come with various features such as adjustable heights and angles, integrated oral lighting, and digital control systems.
  3. Customer Reviews: Check the reviews from other dental professionals. Their feedback can provide real insights into the performance of the dental chairs and the customer service of the manufacturer.
  4. After-Sales Service and Support: Ensure the manufacturer offers excellent customer service and after-sales support. This includes warranty policies, repair services, and the availability of spare parts.
  5. Compliance and Certification: Select manufacturers that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Certifications indicate that the dental chairs meet safety and hygiene standards.
  6. Price and Budget: Consider your budget and the return on investment. While price should not be the sole factor, it is an important part of the decision-making process.
  7. Customization Options and Flexibility: Some manufacturers offer customized solutions to fit the specific needs of dental clinics.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed and confident choice in selecting a dental chair manufacturer that suits the needs of your dental practice.

As we conclude our journey through the innovative world of the top 10 dental chair brands of 2024, it’s clear that the right choice in dental equipment is pivotal for elevating the standards of patient care and practice efficiency. Each brand we’ve explored today offers unique features and advancements, reflecting the cutting-edge developments in dental technology.

If you’re inspired to take your dental practice to the next level, or if you’re simply intrigued by the advancements in dental equipment, we invite you to delve deeper into this fascinating world with KINSUN Dental. At KINSUN Dental, we are committed to providing top-tier dental solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern dental practices. From the latest in dental chairs to a wide range of other dental equipment, our selection is curated to ensure quality, durability, and the latest technology.

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