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This article will tell you where you can buy dental chair parts and what you need to look for when buying dental chair accessories.

We all know that the dental chair is the basic treatment equipment of the dental clinic, but also the clinic is a more valuable asset, in general, if the dental chair malfunction, we had better ask some professional maintenance personnel to help us repair the dental chair, which can help us extend the life of the dental chair, thereby reducing the clinic’s overhead and improving the profitability of the clinic.

Incidentally, if your dental chair has been used for a longer period of time, then there is no need to continue repairing it, and we recommend replacing it with a new dental chair.

So what are the common dental chair parts? I have listed below some common dental chair accessories.

1. Common dental chair Parts

① Oral light/implant light and light arm accessories

Dental chair light

②Tissue box accessories

3 IN 1 tissue box
3 IN 1 tissue box

③ Spittoon and accessories

Dental chair spitton

④ Dental handpiece-related accessories for dental chair

Dental Handipece Parts

⑤ Internal accessories of the case

Dental chair valve

⑥ Cushion, headrest

dental chair cover set
dental chair cover set

⑦ Dental chair foot pedal and accessories

Dental chair foot pedal

⑧ Doctor’s chair and dentist chair parts

Dentist chair

It should be noted that the above list is not a complete list of all dental chair accessories, but only a few standard accessories, if you want to know a more detailed list of dental chair accessories, you can click to see the full list of products on our website.

2. The purpose of purchasing dental chair parts and precautions

If you need to buy dental chair accessories, then you are usually based on the following types of needs, for different needs, your focus is also different, we list the common procurement needs.

① Dentist and dental chair repair technicians

For doctors and technicians, the main purpose of purchasing dental chair accessories is to directly repair the dental chair, so the following points should be noted when selecting dental chair accessories.

A. The specifications of the accessory model are not the demand.

Many accessories have a variety of models, for example, a 4-way valve body has as many as five models, once the wrong model is, there is no way to repair the dental chair in a timely manner, which will affect the normal operation of the clinic.

B. The timeliness of shipping is not guaranteed.

If your clinic only has 2-3 dental chairs, then a broken chair for you will greatly affect your business, if you are a repair technician, then the customer must be anxious to quickly repair the dental chair, so he can make more money, so the timeliness is very important.

C. The quality of accessories

I think you must want to repair the dental chair in a very short period of time and have to repair it again, in order to avoid this, professional technicians and high-quality accessories are essential, so before buying dental chair accessories, you can learn about their sales and reputation.

② Dealer and retailer

If you are a distributor and retailer of dental chair accessories, then your main purpose of purchasing dental chair accessories is a general business practice, through the distribution of retail to obtain profits, then this time you need to pay attention to the following points.

A. Whether the supplier’s product line is rich

As mentioned earlier, the variety of dental chair accessories is very rich, if you are a full-scale dental chair accessories distribution and retail business, the perfect product line for you to be more competitive, so if you can find a supplier with a wide range of products, can help your business to the maximum extent.

B. Supplier’s ability

Ⅰ.The professionalism of the supplier’s matchmaking staff.

If the supplier’s sales staff is not professional enough, then cooperation with them can easily produce mistakes, and once serious errors occur, losses will be inevitable.

Ⅱ. Timeliness of delivery

Many suppliers claim to have a strong production capacity, but in reality, their products are often difficult to deliver, and it is not a wise choice to cooperate with such suppliers.

Ⅲ. After-sales service

No one can ever make mistakes, no company will ever make mistakes, so, to assess the quality of a supplier or not, its after-sales capability is something we need to pay great attention to, a supplier who can quickly solve after-sales problems will never be an inferior supplier.

C. Product cost performance

Does the high price correspond to the high quality of the product? Does the low price correspond to the bad-quality products? The answer is obviously not, we need to consider whether there are suppliers who can provide better quality products at the same price, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the product.

③ Dental chair manufacturer

Suppose you are a manufacturer of dental chairs, then for you. In that case, dental chair parts suppliers are your important supply chain of raw materials that ultimately need to be produced into dental chairs to make a profit. Then the following points may be crucial for you.

A. Supplier’s price and product quality

We, as a manufacturing company, attach great importance to the product quality and product prices of our own raw material suppliers, for us, quality determines how much recognition our products can gain in the market, while helping us to reduce the number of after-sales and reduce after-sales costs, in addition to the consumer originally paid more money for high-quality products, which also helps us to earn more.

Another important point is that a good price for raw materials can reduce our product manufacturing cost, as well as the capital cost of raw material stocking, which will improve the company’s operational efficiency from two aspects.

So, before working with suppliers, make sure to purchase some samples for testing and get gradient quotes. We at KINSUN can provide some free dental chair parts, if you need them, you can contact us to get samples and quotations for dental chair parts.

B. Delivery Time Limitation

Years of production experience tell us that once the supplier of important raw materials can not deliver in time, then it will affect the whole company’s production, although we will stock in advance, the supplier occasionally can not deliver in time, so, in later looking for a new supplier, we will strictly assess his delivery timeliness, and secondly, certain products we will also pre-select 2-3 suppliers, just in case.

C. OEM/ODM capability

Perhaps you do not want to produce the same dental chair products on the market, homogeneous products ultimately bring only price competition, so if you want to produce only your own products, you definitely need to customize some dental chair accessories, then the supplier’s product customization ability is also needed you to focus on the consideration, once he can provide you with high-quality custom products, then for the production of your own products, will be extremely helpful.

3. Channels for purchasing dental chair accessories

① Dental product retail stores, online shopping malls

For doctors or repair technicians, you can get products through nearby dental retail stores or local online shopping sites, which will cost more but are convenient and fast.

② Google and B2B platform

For dental parts distributors or dental chair manufacturers, finding quality suppliers is the top priority. You can search for these suppliers through Google or some B2B platforms to find suppliers, such as Global Sources, Tradewheel, etc.

We think Google is the best choice to find dental chair parts suppliers because a professional company website is essential for a powerful supplier.

③ Social media

Now in the information age, many companies will set up their own social media accounts, usually Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you can search on these platforms for dental chair accessories-related keywords to find suppliers.

4. Choose KINSUN as your supplier of dental chair parts

If you have read this article, I believe you are very interested in dental chair accessories.

Perhaps you have been looking for quality dental chair accessories suppliers, then you can not hesitate to contact us, whether we can succeed between us or not, we are willing to provide you with market consultation, product consultation, quotation consultation, and other services at the very beginning.

In conclusion, the above is a detailed introduction to where to buy dental chair accessories, I hope this article is helpful to you, welcome to leave a message or send us an email.

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