HD Dental X Ray Machine

Various types of dental x ray cameras to meet various scenarios and needs. portable dental x ray machine, such as wall mounted dental x ray machine or mobile dental x ray machine.

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KINSUN is a leading dental x ray machine manufacturer in Foshan City, China.

We can supply multi types of dental x ray unit, such as portable dental x ray machines, wall mount type dental x ray machines, handheld x ray machines, and mobile dental x ray units. we can also supply dental x ray sensors.

All our X-ray machine equipment was developed and launched this year, using the latest production technology, which greatly reduces production costs while improving performance.

Handheld Dental X Ray Machine

Light And Compact,Easy to Control

The exposure time can be adjusted between 0.02~2.00S.

High-capacity battery, continuous exposure for 300 times after full power storage.

Built-in overheat protection procedure effectively protects the tube.
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Wall Mounted Dental X Ray Machine

Space Saving, and Flexible

Accurate positioning is necessary to ensure high-quality images.
KINSUN’s wall-mount X-ray Units apply ergonomic design to allow easy and accurate targeting.

The folding arm adopts an optimized design scheme, which is light flexible in movement, and stable in positioning, bringing a relaxed experience to the operator.
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Mobile Dental X Ray Unit

Comfortable, Move at Any Time

4.3-inch medical grade color touch screen.

According to different teeth types and patient sizes, parameter adjustments can be completed on the same page.

2mA tube current and 70kv tube voltage provide high-quality images for diagnosis.

Film-based mode, phosphoric mode, and digital imaging mode can be selected to meet the needs of different clinics.
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Digital Dental X Ray Sensors

Durable, Efficient and Affordable

Hybrid ICs on circuit board.
Low noise integrated circuit design.

APS CMOS image sensor.
Low noise CMOS image sensor.

Csl scintillator.
Directly deposited Csl ensures low dose(LD) and high resolution(HR).

Robust and safe design.
IP68 high-level protection to ensure that it will not be damaged by water immersion, and can be cleaned and disinfected.
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We can provide you with door-to-door transportation support, so you don’t need to spend time and energy on transporting your goods.

Fast Delivery

Our intraoral x ray machine can be shipped as quickly as 3 days, and in most cases we can ship your goods within 7 days.

Trade Insurance

We can conduct transactions through a third-party guarantee platform to ensure the safety of your funds. such as Alibaba.

After Sales Support

You don't need to worry about machine damage, installation and operation problems, our team provides 7*12 hours after-sales support.


KINSUN-Dental X Ray Company

More than 10 years of industry experience have made KINSUN a high-quality dental X-ray machine supplier.

In the past ten years, we have served an average of more than 100 customers per year and sold hundreds of X-ray machines every month. Our high-quality products and services have helped Wuxi Dental Company achieve great business success.

If you are looking for high-quality dental X-ray machines, or you need a stable supplier, please choose us without hesitation.

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Whether you are a dealer or a doctor, our professional team can provide you with the best support.

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What Our Customer Say

Listen to our customers’ feedback about KINSUN’S dental X-ray machines,


In the past three months, I have purchased 30 KINSUN X-ray machines. Every customer is very satisfied with KINSUN’s products. Thanks to KINSUN, my business has improved a lot.

Dr. Markson

I have been using the KINSUN X ray machine for 6 months, it has never failed to impress me, 5 stars for the ease with which it works even in curved canals, high recommend KINSUN to all the practitioners.

Bule Medical Co., Ltd

I have been importing dental products from China for more than 10 years. KINSUN is my longest-lasting partner. Kay has always helped me with the procurement and transportation of goods. I am very grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What certificates does your X-ray machine have?

Our products are in the process of applying for CE and FDA certification, and we will update the certification status at any time.

2. What payment methods do you support?

We accept: TT, L/C, West union, Alibaba pay, credit card and RMB payment.

3. Can I get discounts when buying in bulk?

Yes, we give discounts for bulk orders, the discount depends on your purchase volume, inquire now.

4. Can I be your agent?

Yes, you can become our agent, contact us now to learn how to become our agent.

5. Do you offer international shipping?

We will arrange shipping within 3 days.
We support: sea transportation, air transportation, railway transportation and other methods.

6. Do you have a return or exchange policy

Yes. If machine damaged, have quality problems, we will arrange the after-sales department to solve the after-sales problems for you.

Dental X Ray China

Buy dental X-ray machines from China and enjoy the fastest logistics and the best cost performance.

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