8 Tips for buying a dental air water syringe

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1. What is a dental air-water syringe?

The dental 3-way air water syringe consists of a body, a handle, and a spray tip. It needs to be connected to the dental chair, powered by the dental oil-free air compressor and the water supply system of the dental chair.

The triple water syringe has spraying water, jetting, and spraying functions. After the spray rod is installed, it can rotate freely 360°, allowing the dentist to easily adjust the angle of the nozzle, making it convenient for doctors to diagnose and treat patients.

In oral treatment, the dentist uses3-way syringe to clean the residue on the teeth, and It can also be used to air dry teeth.

2. Types of dental 3-way air and water syringe

There are two types of guns: curved and straight according to the way they are held in use. Doctors can usually choose different styles of three-purpose guns according to their own preferences. Their functions are the same, but the design is different.

According to the head structure of the syringe, it is divided into detachable and non-detachable types. The button of the detachable triple syringe can be removed so that it can be repaired, the button, and rubber gasket can be replaced, and the head can be replaced. Clean the inside of it and dispose of the water and dirt inside it.

The structure of the non-removable 3-way syringe is relatively simple, and the head is not removable, so it is basically impossible to repair it. All 3-way syringes of KISUN are designed as detachable heads, which are convenient for consumers to maintain and repair the 3-way syringe by themselves. Click Check out our syringe products list here.

According to different materials, air-water syringes on the market are divided into aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Products made of aluminum alloy are lighter in weight, comfortable to hold, light, and easy to operate; products made of stainless steel are more durable and more expensive than aluminum. Alloy material style.

3. Dental air water syringe price

Bend air water syringeAluminum3-3.5
Bend air water syringeStainless steel4-4.5
Straight air water syringeAluminum8-9
Colorful air water syringeAluminum4.5-5
Air water syringe tipsStainless0.19-0.21
Disposable syringe tipsPlastic0.025-0.035
Air water syringe price list

4. Determine the quality of the triple syringe before buying

Please make sure that the quality of the triple syringe meets your needs, we recommend that you obtain samples for testing before purchasing the triple syringe to ensure that its material, appearance, craftsmanship, and product quality meet your purchasing requirements.
We can provide you with free syringe samples, please contact us for samples.

5. Air water syringe tips

There are two kinds of 3-way syringe tips on the market, plastic tips, and stainless steel tips.

The disposable 3-way syringe tips are made of environmentally friendly plastic. it is made of this plastic material is a disposable consumable, which cannot be sterilized at high temperatures, nor can it be reused.

Stainless steel 3-way syringe tips, made of stainless steel, can be sterilized at high temperatures and reused.

6. How to clean a 3-way syringe

The appearance of the syringe can be cleaned by wiping it with disinfectant alcohol.
The vulnerable parts of the triple-purpose gun are usually buttons and internal pipelines.

dental air water syringe

Usually, the syringe does not need special cleaning. It only needs to ensure that the water supply system of the dental chair uses clean water so that the syringe can be used for a longer time.

7. How to change the button on the air-water syringe

The video shows how to change the button on the air-water syringe
  1. Remove the nozzle of the syringe
  2. Use the tip of the nozzle to remove the pin on the head
  3. After removing the card pin, you can take out the button

By the way, if you have any other questions about how to repair a dental chair, you can check our other post on dental chair maintenance.

8. FAQs

1) Can the dental air water syringe and tips be sterilized

Only stainless steel syringe tips can be autoclaved

2) Is the syringe buttons removable?

Only the detachable 3-way syringe can remove the push button

3) Does it have a shelf life

Usually, it has no warranty period

KINSUN factory

If you have more information about dental 3-way syringes and dental chair parts accessories, you can get in touch with us, you can also check our product list for support.

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